Roller Derby Tips

Here Are Some Quick Tips For Taping A Roller Derby Track

Nothing sticks to tape like tape.  Don’t let it touch “sticky side to sticky side

Regular masking tape dries out quickly and leaves a residue.  Use painters grade masking tape if it is going to stay down more than a couple of days.

Duct tape uses an organic rubber adhesive that may leave a residue.  The synthetic rubber adhesive on gaffers tape is designed to come up clean.

Use less tape by using wider tape.  Quite often a single run of three inch tape will cover as well as two runs of two inch tape.

Don’t let expensive gaffers tape “accidentally” disappear.  Use a unique color that you can easily identify as yours alone.

Pull tape off the roll in short lengths.  The longer the length, the more difficult it is to handle.

Don’t store tape “edge to edge”.  It can permanently bond the rolls together.