Why Does Gaffers Tape Cost So Much?

Gaffers tape, the  tape that so many flat track roller derby teams use for track layout, is made from two of the most volatile raw materials used in manufacturing.

The cloth is woven from cotton, a commodity that is subject to price vagaries caused by the weather and constantly increasing internataional demand.  Drought or flooding in the southern part of the United States or in parts of Pakistan or India can have dramatic impact on what it costs to make a roll of gaffers tape.  Farmers are never sure how much cotton to plant and never know what sort of price their crop may bring until it is already harvested.  Tape manufacturers have to commit to the purchasing of cloth for tape months in advance and this futures trading can cause wild swings in raw material cost.

Gaffers tape is prized for its adhesive that is designed to come up clean and leave no residue.  The base raw material for this high quality adhesive is petroleum, and it seems like the price rises every day.

Add in the cost of transportation for the raw materials and the finished product and you have some idea why a roll of gaffers tape costs so much.

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